"Summertime Book for Preschoolers that Children of the Seventies will enjoy...

If you are a child of the 70's Summertime may have seemed much simpler, slower,
like molasses running up hill.
Kids made their own fun, used their imaginations to create forts and climb trees and play outdoor games. There were no cell phones, ipads or you tube....just lots of time spent with family and friends, and creating  new adventures!

Debbie Estrem and I
are working on a picture book
 for preschoolers that transports them back to the way kids spent their summers in the 70's. We hope it will spark some imaginative ideas for the wee folks and that adults will enjoy the little stroll in time.

"It's Summertime" is the first of a four book series from Debbie Estrem, who has also authored "Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?" and "Sights at the Zoo."

Ping's Hungry and he wants some new snacks.....Take an Adventure with Ping and Po-Li ...a Shiwu (Food) Adventure

Tired of bamboo, little Panda, Ping and his friend Po-Li seek
some new snacks from the Asian rain forest...take a Shiwu adventure 
with them discovering tasty treats and yucky eats in the jungle. 
Coming Winter 2015. 

                              SHIWU =  FOOD

Asian Tale of Ping and Po-Li....a Shiwu tale

Just began generating some very lose characters sketches for Ping and Po-Li...(a shiwu tale) written by author  Audrey Moore.Very excited to be researching the lovely Asian backgrounds for this tales animals and landscape...so lovely and gentle and bursting with color. Will post more to come.

Willoughby is now a Fantasy Sculpture!

.....Taken from sketches and watercolors, artist Gabriele Joy,www.gjoyfulbears.com, created a wonderful fantasy sculpture of our buddy Willoughby. He is now keeping me company in the studio... What a treat!
Willoughby is now available for custom order at https://www.facebook.com/DragonsRealmgjoyful

Tiny Samples.....

Prepare to giggle, chuckle and guffaw!

Nickerbacher is Coming!

"Who is Jesus" helps answer tough questions preschoolers ask....

Artwork is complete for the book "Who is Jesus? written by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio - Coming Soon from 

"Who is Jesus?" .....a picture book for preschoolers, written by MaryAnn Diorio

I am working on the final illustrations for a lovely little book for the wee folk about JESUS.
What a delight, right before Easter, to be working on a book that introduces preschoolers to King Jesus, who lived and died and was raised from the dead for people, big and small.

Learn their ABC's and so much more....Miss Lundi's Pink ABC's - Coming soon!

"Miss Lundi's Pink ABC's" provides a rich resource for little ones learning their ABC's, colors and letter shapes, while teaching them about kindness, compassion and love....written to honor and support families who are fighting and those who have fought the mighty battle with cancer. Written by her own personal experience, it is Kathy Nelson's prayer, that this little book will bring laughter, tears, hope and comfort and inspiration to families. Coming Spring 2014.

Tiny Tree Frog invades the Kitchen

The tiny tree frog invasion has begun! Little Hops has found a cozy spot
in my studio and has dug in for a couple months. Once sketches are
approved, I will begin the finished art for our little orange and green buddy.